The need for Wittycloud.

Your clients love your service, but they need your help.

The hard truth is that your users know how to use your solution, but they have no idea on how to use it to achieve their marketing objectives. In order to increase the usage of your services, generate sales and reduce your churn rate, you need a cost effective way to help them use your tools. With Wittycloud, you can give your users marketing strategies tailored to your offering, built according to their marketing needs and delivered instantly.

Increase usage

Increase the use of your tools.

Generate sales

Increase your conversion rates.

Reduce churn rate

Increase your subscription renewal rate.

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Customer focused.

“Give your users the keys to unlock the full potential of your products”

Philippe Larose Cadieux, Chief Executive Officer

Integrate Wittycloud.

A flexible API for a custom solution.

Our simple and flexible API lets your developers integrate Wittycloud directly on your platform, exactly how you want to, so that your clients can get all the help they need without leaving your ecosystem. Choose the kind of strategies your users can have access to and how the content is presented to them. You are in the driver seat.

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A complete solution.

Wittycloud’s AI powered engines allow you to serve thousands of users simultaneously from anywhere, at any time and without any human intervention. In addition to offering a customized payment structure, Wittycloud offers strategic support during the implementation and commercialization stages, as well as training and technical support.

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