The rise of Wittycloud.

A revolution due to digitalization.

In this digital age, SaaS marketing platforms are struggling to retain their customers who are offered a multitude of similar options. Several platforms offering free trials and even some features completely free of charge, users now have access to a variety of tools without having to pay. In this context where users have never had that many choices at affordable prices, SaaS platforms need to position themselves as an indispensable tool, so that users choose their solution rather than that of their competitors.

The need for Wittycloud.

Be indispensable for your clients.

Your customers all have business goals that they want to achieve and can achieve simply by using the right tools and strategies. Make sure you're an integral part of every marketing initiative by offering tailor-made strategies for your digital services. By integrating yourself in the strategic process of your customers, you position your solution as the most trusted and most effective choice.


Identification of objectives and strategy development.


Creation of the steps of realization of the strategy.


Implementation of the strategy.

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Integrate Wittycloud.

A flexible API for a custom solution.

Wittycloud's service is distributed via SaaS marketing platforms. Rather than offering a user interface (UI), Wittycloud offers an API that integrates directly with your solution and digital environment. Based on the REST protocol, the Wittycloud API is simple, easy to use and allows your developers to create an integration to your image according to your needs and your infrastructure.

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Partner up with Wittycloud.

A complete solution.

Our cloud infrastructure allows you to provide strategies to thousands of users simultaneously from anywhere, no in-person meetings required. In addition to offering a customized payment structure, Wittycloud offers strategic support during the implementation and commercialization stages, as well as training and technical support.

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