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10+ Best Live Streaming Ideas To Work Into Your Marketing Plan

August 01, 20227 min read

Did you know that, compared to reading a blog or a post on social media, around four in five people prefer to watch live stream videos? (Source: Livestream) Live stream videos have become one of the most consumed content with 63% of people aged 18-34 watching live streaming content regularly. (Source: Neil Patel)
Here are some of the benefits of adding Live Streaming strategies to your marketing plan: 

  • Huge Audience — Live stream videos create a connection with many customers at once

  • Reach Worldwide — People can watch live streams wherever they are in the world

  • Build relationships — Make a genuine connection with your audience to grow credibility and trustà

  • Authentic content — Unlike straightforward ads or perfectly edited posts, live stream videos are reactionary, unedited, and broadcast in real-time

  • More Affordable — Live stream viewers aren't expecting polished content but rather real people that speak to them directly

There’s no doubt that live videos are a powerful tool every business must have in their marketing toolbox. But where to start? Below, we’ve laid out some brilliant live streaming ideas to get you started.

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Wondering what Marketing Ideas to use for your live video?

Let’s take a closer look at the best ideas for Live Streaming for your business.

1. Highlight your region through a musician's exclusive footage of his tour

Idea by Kristie Carlson

In collaboration with a musician, set up a number of intimate moments to be captured and shared through video or live streams that aim to highlight various parts of the region that they are visiting for their tour. Locations can range from classic tourist spots to hidden spots that usually only locals know about, and the videos themselves can be anything from interviews to secret acoustic sets. Reveal the exact locations that have been visited on a map the day after the artist has visited them. See full idea

2. Showcase your locations by broadcasting live performances from your branches

Idea by Larose

Spread awareness about how things operate throughout your locations by hosting and broadcasting performances live from your different branches; guests will attend the event at their local branch, and watch as the different performances are either right in front of them or shown on a screen live from another branch’s location. Each branch should host a performance that best represents the area they are located in. See full idea

3. Flip the script on the traditional stand-up comedy & let audiences take control

Idea by Jaxson Stout

Working in collaboration with a comedian who is up to the task, help to create a live-streamed stand-up comedy special where the audience is in control. The comedian will ask audience members and viewers watching at home questions that will force the comedian to adapt their show in real-time and react to the audience's comments, creating a completely unique and one-of-a-kind show. See full idea

4. Provide donors an opportunity to build a meaningful connection to your cause

Idea by Mikayla Myers

Create an activation at your fundraising event that allows attendees to video call somebody that has been directly impacted by the donations to your foundation. By providing the opportunity to make a connection with somebody that their money could actually help, or somebody that has been helped by other donations, people will develop a better understanding of the good your organization is trying to do and be more willing to donate their money. See full idea

5. An in-house chat system that pairs random coworkers for video conversations

Idea by Sadiyah Rosas

Create a bond between employees in different locations as strong as the bond between those in the group with this interactive new initiative that you can implement in your day-to-day practices. Inspired by the online phenomenon Chatroulette, give your employees the opportunity to meet and interact with their coworkers from different departments and locations with an in-house online chat system that pairs random coworkers for webcam-based conversations. See full idea

6. Show your company by live streaming a sporting event in an extreme location

Idea by Fionn Trujillo

Showcase your company’s products or expertise in the engineering, electronic, or telecommunications fields by setting up a live streaming system for sporting events in locations that are inaccessible to a regular film crew. Whether it’s a ski race, a snowboard trick competition, or a race of some sort in the sea, prove that your company is the best in your field by providing the best view of their favorite sporting events. See full idea

7. Support freedom of expression and let people control a live show

Idea by Loïc Perrier

Encourage freedom of expression by letting your customers take control of a live musical performance broadcasted online. Throughout the entire performance, everything from the color of the lighting to the projection in the background can be decided through the online comments being made by the audience. The musician will also be active in interacting with the audience through the comments, even allowing them to choose the next song. See full idea

8. Host and broadcast exclusive musical performances from your company’s office

Idea by Tymon Villanueva

Does your company’s office need a little something to add an inspirational spark to the atmosphere? Are you looking for a new way to put the focus on your facilities? Collaborate with musicians to put together a set of exclusive performances that take place on location at your company’s office, and have it broadcast out into the world via your company’s online platforms. Your employees will benefit from the positive atmosphere, and your company will benefit from all of the new online exposure. See full idea

9. Create a projection on your storefront that shows a live stream of the inside

Idea by Muneeb Mcknight

In collaboration with a digital artist, create a video mapping projection on the outside of your store that shows what is going on inside through cameras that are projecting a live stream. People walking past will be able to look into your store like they’re peering inside the windows of a dollhouse! Passers-by will want to go inside in order for their friends and family to see them be projected on the storefront outside and will be encouraged to share their videos of their experience online. See full idea

10. Invite foodies into your kitchen for a live stream conversation with your chef

Idea by Sydney Hampton

Invite hundreds of interested foodies into your kitchen for a conversation with your head chef during a live stream event. Have your Head Chef talk to the audience about his decisions while creating the menu, and have the viewers ask questions, give their input live, and vote on what they want to see on the menu. You can have your chef do live tutorials of some of the most popular dishes on the menu, and host a contest for a chance to prepare a meal with him during one of the live stream events. See full idea


Q1. What is Live Streaming?

A. Live stream marketing refers to the strategy of transmitting live footage over the internet in real-time to an active target audience.

Q2. On which platforms should you upload your Livestreaming content?

A. Livestreaming can be done on a dedicated streaming platform or on social media platforms.  Some of the most used platforms are:

  • Zoom

  • Livestream

  • YouTube Live

  • Facebook Live

  • LinkedIn Live

  • Instagram Live

  • Youtube Live

  • Tik Tok

Q3. What type of content can I stream live?

A. Here are a few of the most popular applications to date:

  • Q&As and conversations with your audience

  • Customer support

  • Special announcements and product launches

  • Interviews and influencer outreach

  • Blogger hosted/partner-hosted streams

  • Live events

  • Behind-the-scenes glimpses

Q4. What is re-streaming?

A. Also known as multistreaming, it is the act of broadcasting one live stream to multiple platforms simultaneously. for example, streaming with an influencer doubles your audience and exposes more people to your channel and your brand.

Ready To Live Stream?

Streaming video is a powerful tool to work into your marketing plan, so it’s time to embrace it. Search for more Live Streaming Ideas to differentiate yourself and unleash your maximum potential on Wittycloud.

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