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12+ Best AI Marketing Ideas To Boost ROI, Consumer Experience And Efficiency

January 28, 20239 min read

Intelligent technology solutions are being quickly adopted by many marketers in order to increase marketing operations efficiency, campaign performance, and consumer experience.
AI Marketing is being used in a multitude of use cases across a broad array of industries, from financial services, government, entertainment, healthcare, retail, and other sectors.

Businesses can use AI Marketing in a variety of ways to develop more thorough marketing strategies. Here are a few general advantages of using AI Marketing:

  • Increased campaign ROI: Act on datasets insights and optimize your marketing strategies in real-time

  • Improved customer relationships & real-time personalization: Send your customers personalized communications at pertinent periods in the customer lifecycle

  • Improved marketing measuring: Get a thorough perspective of what is effective, allowing it to be duplicated across channels and budgets allocated appropriately

  • Accelerated decision-making process: Use machine learning to make quick judgments based on tactical data analysis

Regardless of the size of your marketing team, AI Marketing may boost output, return on investment, and efficiency while processing the mounds of data that your team might not otherwise have the time to process.

Every tiny step towards an AI-powered future can help keep your company ahead of the competition and exceed revenue targets all year long, even if it's only utilizing an AI tool to assist you in composing the content for your next digital marketing campaign.

The moment has come to think about the potential of AI in marketing if you haven't already. We've gathered 12 creative AI marketing ideas from our community of creators to get you started.

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Wondering what AI Marketing Ideas to achieve your business goals?

Let’s take a closer look at the best AI Marketing ideas to increase campaigns performance, consumer experience, and operations efficiency

1. An app that makes entire mood boards solely out of your products

Idea by Larissa Mann

Develop an app that uses artificial intelligence to generate complete mood boards based off of one product image from your catalogue or an image they have uploaded. All the user has to do is simply start with one image and the app will immediately pull similar or corresponding products, as well as design, art, and architecture elements that complement the tone of the mood board. This will help your clientele think of your products in new and creative ways. See full idea

2. Develop an app that estimates the cost of your services or products

Idea by Gail Buckley

Develop an app that can estimate the cost of your services or products for your clients' intended work. Your customers only have to upload photos of the area that needs work done to your app and the app will give them an estimated cost taking into account the size of the space, the average hourly rate, the required quantity and prices of products, etc. With all the time they save using your app, they’ll thank you by continuing to buy your products to do their work. See full idea

3. Allow clients to design their home with their favorite artworks' color palette

Idea by Katherine Lachance Lavergne

Offer your customers the opportunity to be able to decorate their homes in the same colour palettes as their favourite paintings or artworks through an app that uses AI to take any image of an artwork and put together a colour palette for it. They simply need to upload an image of their choice to the app and they will immediately be presented with their ideal colour palette. This app can also be a great tool for designers, artists, architects, and many other contributors to today’s art world. See full idea

4. Reduce food waste with an app that suggests recipes from your fridge content

Idea by Katherine Lachance Lavergne

Answer the question almost every person asks once a day, “What can I make with the food that I already have?” by developing an app that tracks users' food purchases and suggests recipes with what they already have in their pantry and fridge. The app encourages families to cook healthy meals with little to no food waste, and also helps grocers by allowing them opportunities to promote certain products while also tracking what their customers are buying. See full idea

5. Install a smart device with whom clients can chat for in-store recommendations

Idea by Asana

Install a virtual shopping guide assistant to whom consumers can ask questions to get suggestions, information, and promotions. This terminal powered by artificial intelligence is great to collect data and counter labor shortages. See full idea

6. Create a smart platform that presents travelers with custom trip itineraries
Idea by Laura Rodrigues

Visitors must first create a profile and answer a questionnaire about their age, family situation, interests, details about previous trips, etc. The platform will then present the user with options for a customizable itinerary for their desired travel destination. The system learns from the approval and disapproval of its users for the effectiveness of its suggestions and changes accordingly. Use a mobile app to track users and suggest different stops as they travel using push notifications. See full idea

7. Optimize your open hours with real-time price adjustment according to demand

Idea by Sydney Hampton

Optimize your open hours that are regularly less busy by pricing them accordingly, inspiring consumers to take advantage of the low prices and making you a little busier throughout all of your hours of operation. In order to set up this new pricing system, you need to incorporate artificial intelligence into your booking system that will analyze the demand for your services in real-time and adjust your prices accordingly; high traffic means higher prices, and low traffic means lower prices. See full idea

8. Create a website that offers a personalized UX according to users' persona

Idea by Shutterstock

Offer a personalized user experience on your website that is unique to each of your users; the photos change according to your users' geolocation, habits, and demographics. Use photos that speak to them, photos that they can relate to and that are local to them. See full idea

9. Be the first stop of any shopper with an aggregator showing other stores' items

Idea by Square

Help shoppers find what they are looking for in your area or mall, and make sure they stop at your store first thing before going anywhere else. Add a station in your store, such as a touch screen, where customers can search for specific items throughout other shops' merchandise. The station works as an aggregator of all the online shops. Every shopper will want to come by your store to use it and by doing so will be presented with your product offering. See full idea

10. Offer clients to fill out a form to get product suggestions that fit their needs

Idea by SurveyMonkey

Ask consumers to fill out a form so you can help them save time by suggesting products and services that fit their needs and profile in a matter of seconds thanks to the advances in artificial intelligence. They will get a better service and you will get to know who your consumers are. See full idea

11. An app that recommends items to reduce the environmental impact of returns

Idea by Square

Create an app powered by artificial intelligence that lets shoppers get recommendations on what to buy according to what they already bought at your store or what they have in their basket. The app recommends products that fit together and as such, reduces the chance a shopper will return an item. By decreasing the return rate, not only your brand will contribute to your client's satisfaction and loyalty but will to the preservation of the environment. See full idea

12. Put your loyalty program on the blockchain to highlight your security know-how

Idea by Talkable

Put consumers at ease and show them how data security matters to your company by using blockchain technology for your loyalty program. See full idea


Q1. What is AI (Artificial Intelligence) Marketing?

A. Artificial intelligence (AI) technologies are being used in marketing to make automated judgments based on data gathering, data analysis, and further observations of audience or economic trends that may have an impact on marketing activities.

Q2. What are examples of AI Marketing?

A. Use cases for AI in marketing include:

  • Data analysis: Gathering and sorting through a lot of marketing data from different initiatives

  • Natural language processing (NLP): Developing human-like language for customer service bots, experience personalization, and other uses

  • Media buying: Choosing the best advertising and media placements for a company

  • Automated decision-making: Selecting the most effective marketing or business expansion strategies

  • Content generation: Writing both brief and lengthy pieces of material for a marketing strategy

  • Real-time personalization: Modifying a user's interaction with a marketing resource, such as a website, social media post, or email, to reflect the user's previous preferences

Q3. What are the most common types of AI Marketing solutions?

A. Types of AI Marketing solutions include:

  • Machine learning: Computer algorithms that can analyze information and automatically enhance digital marketing efforts

  • Big data and analytics: Better understanding of strategies and precisely assigning value across channels

  • AI Marketing platforms & tools: Central platforms for handling the vast amounts of data being collected

Q4. What are the biggest challenges for AI Marketing?

A. The following are some of the main obstacles facing AI Marketing:

  • Training time and data quality: AI Marketing solutions do not immediately know what to do to accomplish marketing objectives. Just like humans, they need time and instruction to learn.

  • Privacy: Both consumers and regulatory agencies are pushing down on how businesses utilize their customers' data.

  • Gaining support: It can be challenging for digital marketing teams to convince company stakeholders of the benefits of AI Marketing initiatives.

  • Best practices for deployments: Since AI Marketing is a more recent tool in the arsenal of digital marketers, there aren't yet clear best practices in place to direct marketing teams' initial deployments.

  • Adapting to a changing marketing landscape: As AI Marketing becomes more prevalent, daily marketing processes are being disrupted.

Ready to incorporate AI Marketing Strategies into your overall plan?

The right AI Marketing strategy can undoubtedly assist you in boosting your campaigns’ ROI and your marketing operations' efficiency. Search for more Artificial Intelligence ideas to differentiate yourself and unleash your maximum potential on Wittycloud.

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