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12+ Best Brand Positioning Ideas To Set You Apart From The Competition

March 10, 20237 min read

What do you want people to think about when they hear or see the name of your business?
You will need a clear brand positioning strategy to set yourself apart from competitors in order to turn that straightforward assertion into a reality.

You must establish your brand with a clear, strategic basis if you want customers to think of you first when they are ready to buy.

You can use a variety of positioning techniques to set your business apart from the competition. You can promote your brand as the innovator, the pioneer, or the most well-known. Also, you can position your brand as the friendliest, most practical, least expensive, or simply the finest option in comparison to other companies or the solution to a widespread issue.

Making a statement, grabbing and holding your target audience's attention, and successfully expanding your brand all depend on having a distinctive brand positioning approach. Use these brand positioning ideas to ensure that you are positioned in the ideal area of your target market.

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Wondering what Brand Positioning Ideas to achieve your business goals?


Let’s take a closer look at the best brand positioning ideas to set you apart from the competition


1. Create an investor brand for your company to address the needs of your investors
Idea by Steve Li

Create a brand that speaks to your investors. As you do for your B2C brands, create a marketing plan and communicate key messages to your investors through a website, social media pages, a newsletter, third-party research, etc. Not only will you reach your target audience more effectively, but you will also generate a sense of belonging among your shareholders. See full idea

2. In a seminar, frame your technology as an answer to regulatory or social change
Idea by Cephema

In a seminar to be presented at a major conference, present your product as a technical game changer in parallel with changing structures in the broader culture or in the industries you serve. Link your technology to structural, regulatory or social changes driving consumer behaviour. See full idea

3. Stress test your software and promote your positive results as a seal of quality
Idea by PragmaFlow

"If you can dodge a wrench, you can dodge a ball"
- DodgeBall: A True Underdog Story

Stress test your app on its operation and error handling capabilities under extremely heavy load conditions. Then, promote that your software has passed the test as a proof of its quality and robustness.

Clients will have more trust in your app of they know it won't crash under crunch situations. See full idea

4. Make a new branding for your brand that reflects your CSR diagnostic and vision
Idea by Le LAB impact

Rebrand your company following the diagnostic of your social and environmental impact to reflect the strategies that will be implemented. Launch your new branding by associating every new aspect, such as your new logo, your color choices, etc. with your CSR vision and objectives. See full idea

5. Sell an industry-related workshop where you're the solution to participants pain
Idea by Cephema

People are eager to learn. Use this as an opportunity to gather your prospects all in the same room by offering a workshop on a theme that relates to your company. What better way to get qualified leads and sell your solution than teaching prospects about their pain? See full idea

6. Create a low-code training and accelerator program for startups in your industry
Idea by PragmaFlow

Have coaches in your startup program that train participants on low code technology so they can easily and rapidly build minimum viable products and test out their offerings with a sample of potential clients. See full idea

7. Promote your loan as a seal of trust towards your business from investors
Idea by Steve Li

Did you recently get a loan from a financial institution or are you in the process of getting one? That is a great opportunity to promote your company as trustworthy to everyone. Through social media content, a press release, or any other communication channel of your choosing, position yourself as a credible business by showcasing that investors believe in your project. See full idea

8. Event spaces branded according to your company or sponsors' values
Idea by Camille Renaud

Brand your event spaces or rooms based on your corporate values or those of your sponsors to let your guests live out these values. See full idea

9. Use low code to offer interactive and personalized customer support
Idea by PragmaFlow

Easily create a dynamic knowledge base or FAQ webpage whose answers correspond to your clientele's individual needs.

Instead of limiting your client experience to stock templates, create an experience that truly supports their success. See full idea

10. Contribute an article to a major trade publication to showcase your expertise
Idea by Cephema

People don't like being sold to, but they love discovering things, including awesome new vendors! By contributing a thoughtful, in-depth article to a major trade publication, you showcase your technical expertise, and encourage people to seek you out as a subject matter expert. Instead of begging people for 15 minutes of their precious time, they come to you to ask for help! See full idea

11. Use the journey of successful businesses to show the potential of your business
Idea by Steve Li

Show the potential of your business to your stakeholders, whether investors, clients, or partners, by comparing where you are now with the growth journey of successful businesses in your industry. By demonstrating that you are following the steps of unicorn startups, you enable your stakeholders to envision what your business could and will be. See full idea

12. Restream and comment live events to position your company as an industry expert
Idea by Eventzilla

Transform your brand into an influencer and position yourself as expert in your field by restreaming live events and adding your own twist and opinion on it. While restreaming, have representatives of your company commenting live on the stream so your audience get to watch both the restreamed content and your company's addition simultaneously and can interact with your representatives. See full idea

Q1. What is Brand Positioning?

A. The process of developing the company's products and brand to stand out in the target market's mind.

Q2. What are the advantages of Brand Positioning?

A. These are the main benefits of positioning your brand:

  • When people are ready to buy, they first consider your brand.

  • A stronger connection with your audience thanks to a clear differentiator from the competitors

  • Greater comprehension of the difficulties your consumers face

  • Increased relevance in discussions of your market

  • Consumers are happy to pay your greater price.

  • Faster internal decision-making on branding and product mix because you are more aware of your identity and what you sell.

Q3. What are the different Brand Positioning Strategies?

A. Here are the most popular positioning strategies for brands:

  • Customer Service Positioning Strategy

  • Convenience-Based Positioning Strategy

  • Price-Based Positioning Strategy

  • Quality-Based Positioning Strategy

  • Differentiation Strategy

Q4. What Is a Brand Positioning Statement?

A. A description of your target market that also contains a comprehensive representation of how you want customers to perceive your brand.


Ready to incorporate Brand Positioning Strategies into your overall plan?


The right employer brand positioning strategy can undoubtedly assist you in differentiating yourself, expressing your values, and justifying your price. Search for more branding ideas to differentiate yourself and unleash your maximum potential on Wittycloud.

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