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12+ Best Content Creation Ideas To Stand Out And Generate Business

September 02, 20228 min read

Content is viewed as an essential business strategy, according to 81% of marketers. It is not surprising given that content has proved to be an effective technique for generating income (51%), growing an audience of subscribers (47%), and generating leads (60%).  
But if you want to stand out from the millions of pieces of content that are published online every day, you must not only produce high-quality content that is well-written and designed but that was also created with a well-thought-out strategy in mind. 
Putting the efforts to produce high-quality content will bring you several benefits, such as:

  • Establishing yourself as a leader in your industry

  • Expanding your email list and subscription base

  • Attracting new customers to your website

  • Retaining existing consumers

  • Generating business

In fact, 56% of marketers claim that blogging is worth the time and effort since it is their most successful content strategy.
From a blog article to a video, a podcast, an image, or any other content type, there are numerous ways to use content effectively and benefit from it. Check out our Top 12 content creation ideas to produce high-quality content that will rise to the top.

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Wondering what Content Creation Ideas to achieve your business goals?

Let’s take a closer look at the best content creation ideas that will rise to the top and help you stand out from the crowd.

1. Produce a video series on how to optimize efficiency while working from home

Idea by Travis Foreman

Show that you care about your employees' welfare, that you value work-family balance, but that you also want them to be able to reach their full potential by producing a video series on how to optimize work efficiency while working from home. The series will present organizational tips, technological tools, at-home office set ups, and pieces of advice from notable successful people who work from home. These videos can be used as promotional material for potential new employees as well. See full idea

2. Change perception on failure by showing that it is part of every success story

Idea by Sarah-Jane Mcloughlin

It can be hard to promote your line of work when people only tend to need your services when they’ve faced a setback or a failure, such as filing for bankruptcy or other kinds of financial problems. Change the tone in the conversation on failure by creating a campaign that highlights well-known entrepreneurs who have all experienced major setbacks on their way to their successes. Your clients will think of their setbacks in a new light and they will be more willing to listen to your advice. See full idea

3. Explore what intimacy means in today’s society through a series of photographs

Idea by Niyah Hines

Explore what intimacy means in today’s society by partnering with a photographer who produces a series of photographs that capture intimate moments and seek to understand what intimacy means in all shapes and forms, whether you are transgender, homosexual, or an ethnic couple, and how the use of technology, such as Tinder or FaceTime, has changed our definition of intimacy. Ask customers to share what intimacy means to them in a picture for a chance to win your products to experience intimacy. See full idea

4. Create an app that provides your readers with bonus and exclusive content

Idea by Hugo Beaumont

Provide people with a new incentive to purchase a print edition of your publication by creating an app that provides your readers with bonus content when they scan the pages; when the in-app scanner detects certain images or codes, it will take users to exclusive content that cannot be found on any of your other platforms. You can also use this app as a B2B tool by offering promotional spaces to your clients, creating a revenue stream for your company. See full idea

5. Make a reality show about what it takes to become a successful entrepreneur

Idea by Jerry Gentry

Showcase your company’s expertise in consultancy service by producing a reality show in which the viewers can follow the entrepreneurial journey of start-ups that are helped and guided by mentors from your company. In addition to your employees’ mentorship and advice given on the show, you can organize a tour of public events that promotes the show while also inviting the public to come out and receive advice for their own ventures. See full idea

6. Advertise life advice to your customers rather than promoting your own services

Idea by Martin Villette

Instead of promoting your consulting services, offer life advice to members of your community about the various situations they find themselves in, like putting up signs near highways advising people to maintain a safe distance between cars, or posters on public transit advising people to check for their belongings before getting off. These simple, but constant pieces of advice will get more attention than a flashy ad campaign would. See full idea

7. Showcase where notable creatives go for inspiration through video capsules

Idea by Arthur Burton

Does your product provide the inspiration and energy your customers need to put their dreams into action? Reach out to notable people that need inspiration and energy, like athletes and creatives, to produce video capsules that showcase the locations that inspire them the most, whether it be a secret trail, a beautiful beach, or a local coffee shop. By helping your customers find inspiration in these new places, they’ll be better able to follow their dreams and they’ll have you to thank for it. See full idea

8. Encourage the public to well plan their life through the eyes of homeless people

Idea by Sarah-Jane Mcloughlin

Educate the public while helping those in need by creating a campaign that helps your clientele get to know the homeless people of your city by documenting their stories through photos, videos, and interviews. While these stories will provide important information on those in need, it will also be an opportunity to demonstrate that anybody can wind up in these kinds of situations and that it is important to plan for the worst when it comes to insurance, finance, or health. See full idea

9. Create your own educational series that are both entertaining and informative!

Idea by OBNL Marketing

A great way to explain complex topics in an engaging manner is by using videos. The right video can make all the difference in connecting with your target audience. Educational videos are a great and trendy way to get organizations out into communities they want serve, so why not take advantage? A video series allows you connect with people in ways that will change their lives for good! See full idea

10. Demonstrate your product with a dramatic fake movie teaser

Idea by Katherine Lachance

Create an action drama movie teaser in which a person looses everything because they were not one of your members and promote it to your social platforms. This comedy drama teaser is sure to hook people up and make them think about the importance of being a member. See full idea

11. Share stories of businesses and people that you have successfully worked with

Idea by Gail Buckley

Promote interviews with and testimonials from representatives from the companies you’ve helped achieve success stating that they would not have been where they are if they hadn’t had your support and services. See full idea

12. Simply ask your community to help you

Idea by Terry Spooner

Somethimes your fans just need concrete guidance on how they can help you to take action. Create a promotional guidebook that mentions the actions your members can do to help you, such as sharing your website, introducing the sports to a non-member, etc. and share it with your members through your social platforms, blogs, mailing list, etc. Their reactions might surprise you. See full idea


Q1. What is content creation?

A. Content creation is the process of finding a fresh topic to write about, selecting the format you want the content to take, formalising your approach (whether it involves keywords or not), and then actually producing the material.

Q2. What is a content creator?

A. A content creator is someone who is in charge of coming up with, producing, and disseminating material that links a brand with its target market.

Q3. What type of content can I create?

A. There are numerous types of content. Here are the most popular:

  • Blog articles

  • Electronic books (eBooks)

  • Images

  • Videos

  • Infographics

  • Podcast

Q4. Where can I promote my content?

A. There are numerous platforms to promote your content. Here are the most popular:

  • Email such as newsletter

  • Blogs and forums

  • Guest blogs

  • Social media

  • Paid ads

Ready to create high-quality content?

The right content creation marketing strategy can undoubtedly assist you in generating income, growing an audience of subscribers, and nurturing leads. Search for more Content Creation Ideas to differentiate yourself and unleash your maximum potential on Wittycloud.

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