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12+ Best Content Marketing Ideas To Engage Customers Throughout The Sales Journey

February 25, 20237 min read

Ads are everywhere. Customers are so oversaturated that they have come to despise them. Compared to traditional advertising's hard sell, trust has become a more effective sales strategy. In order to gain their trust, brands must now offer consumers something of value in a way that feels natural rather than intrusive, such as content that satisfies a need, a desire to learn, to laugh, etc.
By providing relevant and helpful content to help your prospects and clients solve their problems rather than advertising your goods or services, you can engage them immediately and more naturally.

There are numerous forms of content that you might use in your marketing plan, such as:

  • Website 

  • Email

  • Social Media

  • Infographic 

  • Blog 

  • Podcast 

  • Video 

  • Paid Ads

Whether you're just beginning to develop a strategy or revising your existing one, make sure you're producing excellent content for your audience and that you're effectively getting it in front of them with these content marketing ideas.

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Wondering what Content Marketing Ideas to achieve your business goals?


Let’s take a closer look at the best content marketing ideas to nurture prospective customers through the buyer’s journey and constantly generate new interest in your offering

1. Host a smiling contest to support mental health
Idea by Agence Pluri'Elles

Smiling provides many health benefits in addition to offering a mood boost. Show that you support mental wellness and make sure people smile both within and outside your company by hosting a contest among your employees and/or your customers where the most genuine smile wins. See full idea

2. Create and promote a movie as ephemeral episodes on social media to create FOMO
Idea by Site web et compagnie

Produce a movie that relates to your products, services, or industry and cut it into several small short parts. Then promote it on your social media as ephemeral stories so people must follow your account to see the next story and thus the full movie. People will come back to your account regularly to make sure they don't skip an episode! See full idea

3. Translate your visual content into podcasts for visually impaired audiences
Idea by A V Communication International

Show that you care about all of your consumers by translating your digital content, such as your tutorial videos, into podcasts so that visually impaired people can also access it. See full idea

4. Ask to guess a photo's location to promote an opening or your products' origins
Idea by Shutterstock

Host a contest in which your followers have to guess the location of the photos you share on your social platforms for a chance to win a prize. These posts can be used to announce new location openings or to showcase the countries of origin of your products. See full idea

5. Create kid-friendly bedtime stories that teach about your industry
Idea by Agence Pluri'Elles

Reach out to families by creating educative bedtime storybooks that showcase your industry. Parents will be grateful to be able to teach something new at night to their kids. These books can be offered as contest prizes, giveaways, freebies, or gifts with purchase. See full idea

6. Ask an AI tool about your business and post its answer on your social platforms
Idea by Site web et compagnie

Surf on the AI tool trend such as ChatGPT to post content that will appeal to your audience. Simply ask an AI tool what it thinks your business is from your company's name and post its answer, whether it is a descriptive text or a photo, on your social platforms. People will be curious to see the answer generated by the AI tool and can engage by commenting if they agree or not. See full idea

7. Send out a podcast newsletter that subscribers can listen to wherever they want
Idea by A V Communication International

Stand out from your competitors by sending an audio newsletter in the form of a podcast instead of the regular visual email newsletter. By sending an audio description instead of a written one, your subscribers will be able to listen to your news on their way to work, while having breakfast or doing their workout. No more excuse that they were too busy to read it or that it has been lost among their pile of emails. See full idea

8. Nominate a social impact champion among your community each week
Idea by B Corp

Support clients and collaborators that make a difference by showcasing each week a member of your community that made a positive impact through their business or personal project. Whether it be through a blog article, social media posts, or any other means, make sure to showcase how your company cares about its community and the well-being of its stakeholders. A gala at the end of the year could be hosted by your company to reward community members that made the biggest impact. See full idea

9. Share a photo of a meal that represents your brand
Idea by Agence Pluri'Elles

Showcase your brand values through fun and shareable content by presenting what would be your brand if it was a meal. Engage your customers by asking them what meal represents them. See full idea

10. Connect with your local audience with humoristic content that they relate to
Idea by Site web et compagnie

Humor is a great way to get to your audience's heart, but it is very specific to people's local culture. Hire local comedians in each of the locations your brand is established to translate your brand content into funny content that local people will relate to and find funny. See full idea

11. Send an audio version of your pitch to your prospects for better conversion
Idea by A V Communication International

Stand out from your competitors by sending an audio version of your business pitch to your prospects instead of the regular outreach email. By sending an audio pitch, you increase the chance that your leads open and listen to it, since they will be able to do so on their commute to work, while having breakfast or doing their workout. No more excuse that they were too busy to read it or that it has been lost among their pile of emails! See full idea

12. Create 2 fake and 1 real product videos and let clients guess which one is real
Idea by Vimeo

Get inspired by the popular game Two Truths and a Lie to launch your product with a humorous twist. Create 3 product videos one of which is a real product that you're launching and the two others are fake videos. Then ask customers to guess which product is the real one that will soon be available for purchase. See full idea

Q1. What is content marketing?

A. A strategic approach to create and distribute valuable, timely, and consistent material in order to draw in and keep the attention of a target audience and, ultimately, to encourage profitable consumer action

Q2. What are the benefits of using content in a marketing strategy?

A. There are four main advantages of content marketing for businesses:

  • Increased sales

  • Cost savings

  • More loyal customers

  • Content as a source of revenue

Q3. What objectives can I reach with content marketing?

A. A content marketing plan can help you achieve some of the following advantages:

  • Inform your leads and potential customers about the goods and services you provide.

  • Enhance conversions

  • Create connections with your customers that will improve their loyalty to your brand

  • Display to your audience how your goods and services can help them with their problems

  • Establish a sense of community around your brand


Ready to incorporate Content Marketing Strategies into your overall plan?


The right content marketing strategy can undoubtedly assist you in nurturing prospective customers and constantly generating new interest in your offering. Search for more content ideas to differentiate yourself and unleash your maximum potential on Wittycloud.

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