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12+ Best Video Marketing Tactics To Emotionally Connect With Customers

March 25, 20236 min read

Consumers today expect companies of all sizes and across all industries to engage with them via video as they continue to choose this type of content over others. Video marketing has become a must-have for every business.
With consumers being flooded with live streaming, interactive 360-degree movies, augmented reality, and more, brands need a captivating, attention-grabbing, and memorable video marketing strategy that can be used across all platforms and channels.

From humoristic brand videos to emotional short films to instructional videos, there are literally infinite types of videos brands can create in connection with their marketing funnel to bring in the audience that's most likely to convert.

Take full advantage of this popular marketing tool to engage and convert your audience using these incredible video marketing tactics.

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Wondering what Video Marketing Tactics to achieve your business goals?


Let’s take a closer look at the best video marketing tactics to connect with customers and catch their attention in a digitally overloaded world 


1. Create a movie about how your company started

Idea by Toast Studio

Produce a movie on your founder and how your business started. People will learn more about your company and all of the efforts that have been deployed to build it while being entertained; the best way to increase your brand's memorability! See full idea

2. Present each of your team members in a movie-like dramatic video clip
Idea by Obvious C

Showcase your team through a dramatic video clip in which each team member is transformed into a character that represents them, such as a superhero. Use the Unreal Engine technology to create realistic and movie-like backgrounds that correspond to their respective character. See full idea

3. Create a funny video montage from content sent by your consumers
Idea by 120mm

Ask consumers to send you video content and create a funny story out of these pieces of user-generated content. See full idea

4. Reward good deeds with free products and use this video content for TikTok
Idea by Agence Pluri'Elles

Surf the trend of TikTok influencers giving money to people making a good action by filming one of your representatives rewarding people with free products from your company and sharing it on TikTok. See full idea

5. Create a short movie about your company in 100 years
Idea by Obvious C

Project your consumers into the future and create a short film in which the main characters find themselves in your company 100 years later. A great opportunity to highlight your aspirations and your business vision while entertaining your audience! See full idea


6. Create short videos in which you ask passers-by why they buy your products
Idea by 120mm

Get inspired by influencers walking in the streets and asking passers-by to visit their home or what they do as a living and film one of your team members or an influencer asking passers-by if they use your products, why, and even to show you how, where, etc. See full idea 

7. Create a video series in which the main character works at your company
Idea by Toast Studio

Showcase your company's culture, expertise, or working spaces with a web series where the protagonist is an employee of your company and several adventures happen to him. See full idea

 8. Transform your client testimonials into video interviews to get prospects' trust
Idea by TierPeak

Instead of showcasing traditional use cases in the form of written testimonials, produce video interviews with your best clients so that your potential clients can get a better understanding of your solution and be more confident in your company. See full idea

9. Create a video proof that you listen to clients feedback by showing real results
Idea by 120mm

Create a video in which you show one after the other a client giving you constructive feedback or telling you things they would love from your company and the change that you've made or the new product you've launched in response. Have multiple scenarios shown in the same video for a bigger impact! See full idea

10. Transform your business cases into engaging video productions
Idea by Toast Studio

Bring your business cases and past experience to life through video content to help potential businesses better understand your services and skills. Rather than read an essay about your accomplishments, why not WOW your prospects with dynamic videos that showcase your results, your challenges and your skills used to achieve your objectives. An upbeat, modern and engaging way to improve your lead generation and client conversion processes. See full idea

11. Show that your product is out of this world by doing a demo from space
Idea by Obvious C

Use Unreal Engine technology to create a realistic video of your representative giving a product demo from space. You'll definitely grasp your consumers' attention! See full idea


12. Invite funny influencers to prank your customers and share their pranks in video
Idea by NinjaOutreach

Invite influencer humorists to prank your customers in your locations and share their pranks with their fans on social media. People will go to your establishments in the hopes of getting pranked by their idols. See full idea

Q1. What Is video marketing?

A. Using a video format in your marketing plan in order to market a company, good, service, or idea is known as using video for marketing. Effective video marketing can enhance audience engagement on social media and other digital platforms.

Q2. What types of businesses should use video marketing?

A. Video marketing is a good fit for all types of businesses. Since the development of televisions, video has grown to be a crucial component of the digital marketing toolkit. Organizations in any field will be able to tailor content for their audiences because to technological advancements.

Q3. What are the types of videos used in marketing?

A. Here are the most popular types of videos used in marketing:
Brand videos
Demo videos
Event videos
Explanation videos
How-to videos
Personalized message videos
Testimonials/Case Studies
Virtual Reality and 360-degree videos

Q4. What are the benefits of video marketing?

A. Here are some of the benefits of video marketing:
Your product will be more noticeable and memorable. Videos help people remember information
Because the message lasts longer on social media feeds, you don't need to spend a lot of time tweaking and updating your content.
Increased comprehension of your services or products by the public thanks to videos
Videos raise awareness and eventual participation.
Your website is more likely to appear near the top of the search results page because videos typically rank higher in searches.
With video marketing, you can easily tailor consumer interactions, which promotes brand loyalty and repeat business.

Q5. How do you use video marketing for SEO?

A. Increased time on page, decreased bounce rate, and increased click-through rate from SERP are just a few of the benefits of adding video to your website. All of these are excellent for your company, and Google and other search engines consider them when deciding your position on SERPs for particular queries.


Ready to incorporate Video Marketing Strategies into your overall plan?


The right video marketing strategy can undoubtedly assist you in engaging and converting your audience. Search for more Video ideas to differentiate yourself and unleash your maximum potential on Wittycloud.

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