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10+ Best Sponsorship Activation Ideas To work Into Your Marketing Plan

August 08, 20227 min read

Sponsorship is undeniably the second largest marketing communications spend, accounting for 11 percent to 18 percent of the total marketing budget. Nielsen Sports reported a 107 percent increase in global sponsorship spending last year. It is not surprising given that sponsorships result in an average 10% increase in purchase intent among the exposed fanbase. (Source: Nielsen)
Strategic sponsorships can help your company achieve a variety of marketing objectives, including:

  • Brand awareness — Showcase your brand to new and, typically, large audiences

  • Reputation — Align your brand with something that your target audience is passionate about

  • Brand positioning — Reach specific demographics by targeting the audiences of your sponsors

However, sponsorship does not imply simply displaying a logo. To get the most out of your sponsorships, your audience must recognize the value you bring to the sponsor, which is what sponsorship activation is all about. To get you started, we've provided some brilliant sponsorship activation ideas below.

Wondering what Marketing Ideas to use for your Sponsorship Activations?

Let’s take a closer look at the best Sponsorship Activation ideas for your business.

1. Offer a valet service with your high-end transport at a sponsored event

Idea by Fionn Trujillo

Showcase your luxurious vehicles and other extravagant methods of transportation, by sponsoring an event where each attendee is offered a valet service that has them showing up to the event in one of your many luxurious vehicles or other methods of transportation like a helicopter, yacht, or private plane, and provide your passengers with a VIP bundle that provides them with a ride to and from the event, a seat in your VIP tent at the event with exclusive food and drink options. See full idea

2. A portable VR experience for high foot traffic locations and sponsored events

Idea by Hugo Beaumont

Set up a nomadic VR experience that allows your brand ambassadors to easily head out to locations that are heavy with foot traffic. Each ambassador will be wearing high-tech apparel that includes a backpack computer, batteries for longevity, a VR headset, and handles with a pole for the wires. These portable VR experiences can be held both indoors and outdoors, making them perfect for sponsored activations at festivals, trade shows, conferences, and fairs. See full Idea

3. Sponsor a branded utility room for festival-goers

Idea by Kristie Carlson

In this new world of influencers, be the company that always gets a shout out for keeping them, and other attendees, fresh and clean for their social media posts at major festivals and events. Show off your company’s products or services with a branded utility room at any of your sponsored events where festival-goers or event attendees can get their ensembles cleaned up so that they can get that picture photo to share with their friends and followers. See full idea

4. Add a “Gold Zone” to your large-scale event ticket offering

Idea by Ann Pickett

When somebody is enjoying a large-scale event that has been non-stop fun, there’s nothing that can spoil it quite like the inability to find a decent spot to take a break, sit down, and relax. Add value to your large-scale events and generate greater sales numbers by adding a “Gold Zone” as optional addition to your ticket offering, where these ticket holders have access to tables, umbrellas, and a private deck that offers a more elaborate cocktail menu than the other vendors at the event. See full idea

5. Event activations where entrepreneurs must pitch their ideas in a creative way

Idea by Jerry Gentry

Host a series of events or sponsor a series of activations at different events that place entrepreneurs in a position to pitch their business ideas in a creative way. The pitch experience can be tailored to the theme of the event, but the main idea is to keep the pitches short and sweet. The different pitch experiences or locations can include making their pitch during a pit stop at a car race, in the chairlift at a ski hill, or actually in an elevator if the event takes place at a hotel. See full idea

6. Develop billboards that play personalized messages for the runners as they pass

Idea by Yara Cordova

Keep long-distance run athletes motivated by developing interactive LED billboards that play personalized messages for the runners as they pass with the use of RFID chips that have been incorporated into the race participants' bib. Whenever one of your interactive billboards detects an RFID chip approaching, if that runner has a personalized message waiting for them then that message will be pushed to be played next on the billboard, showing messages from the people that support them. See full idea

7. Create an arty ad in which an athlete's equipment lights up with their movements

Idea by Fionn Trujillo

Create an advertisement that looks like a cinematic work of art by combining digital art and sports to showcase your products or services. The advertisement follows an athlete training with equipment that lights up with their movements through the use of LEDs and motion sensors. Turn your campaign into an event by designing an installation that uses the same light technology activated by movements to present participants the opportunity to feel as though they are in the ad themselves. See full idea

8. Showcase the importance you give to pets by hosting pet parks in major events

Idea by Ella-Rose Bravo

Make sure that no furry family members are left behind by hosting a pet park for any and all major events. Each guest of the pet park will receive food, water, and the same level of care that they would receive from their owners. Provide a space for the animals to run around, stretch, and play with other pets, while providing peace of mind for their owners who didn’t have to leave their best friends alone at home. See full idea

9. Create a mobile office where your team can offer expert advice to attendees

Idea by Gail Buckley

Demonstrate your expertise in consulting services through a mobile office in which your team offers free personalized consultations to visitors. The mobile office can be set up at events that your company sponsors or at tradeshows. See full idea

10. Host a movie night at your dealership where cars are your drive-in theatre seats

Idea by Fionn Trujillo

Host a movie night at your dealership where the cars you have on display become the seats at your makeshift drive-in theatre. Attendees will be able to come in and select the car that they think they’d be interested in buying, and spend the night getting to know the interior and added features while they watch movies. This campaign can be used to promote a big sales event, or even as an activation at a trade show as a sponsorship opportunity or to announce a new product. See full idea


Q1. What is sponsorship?

A. When one brand aligns itself with an aspect of another brand, this is known as sponsorship marketing. Your company pays to support a specific event that your customers care about through sponsorships. Customers, attendees, and the media will then associate your company with the event.

Q2. What is a sponsorship activation?

A. Taking a sponsorship and "activating" it by making the most of it through the appropriate marketing activities to truly connect with your target audience.

Q3. Are they different types of sponsorship?

A. In general, there are four types of sponsorship:

  • Sponsors who give money directly to an organization are known as financial sponsors.

  • Sponsors who buy advertising space are known as media sponsors.

  • Sponsors who provide goods or services in lieu of direct financial support are known as in-kind sponsors.

  • Individual figures who promote the event or cause to their network are known as Promotional Partners

Q4. How can I Measure Sponsorship ROI?

A. Tracking the relevant metrics for a specific sponsorship objective is required when calculating sponsorship ROI. For example, if brand awareness is your goal, you should track both traditional media coverage and online visibility.

Ready To Optimize Your Sponsorships?

Don't let sponsorship activation overwhelm you in the marketing and advertising world. You can make the most of your sponsorship dollars and reach your audience in the most effective way possible by identifying your objectives and tying everything together with the right activations. Search for more Sponsorship Activation Ideas to differentiate yourself and unleash your maximum potential on Wittycloud.

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