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12+ Best Brand Experience Tactics To Convert Brand Awareness Into Brand Loyalty

April 01, 20236 min read

Customers are less likely to recall your products and services when the time comes to make a purchase if they don't associate your brand with positive thoughts, feelings, and reactions.
While negative brand perceptions can turn off customers, a neutral perception can be just as harmful. If consumers don't have a favorable impression of your brand, they won't choose your company over others that provide better connective messaging even if they see your brand displayed in search engine results or advertised online. 

To associate your brand with a particular need or emotion, you must create a sensory experience that can bring a consumer into a meaningful and lasting relationship with your brand.

Help consumers remember your brand, strengthen your relationship with them, and encourage long-term loyalty with these brand experience marketing tactics from our community of suppliers.
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Wondering what Brand Experience Marketing Tactics to achieve your business goals?


Let’s take a closer look at the best BX marketing tactics to boost customer connection and encourage long-term loyalty

1. Increase UGC at your event or establishment with an interactive branded backdrop
Tactic by Pixsenses

Make sure your guests or clients share their memorable experience at your events or establishments with your brand's logo on social media by installing a digital backdrop that they can interact with, such as a projected animation following them or engaging with them in a certain way. See full tactic

2. Showcase your corporate identity through your selection of art installations
Tactic by Creos

Showcase art installations and let the public know why you have chosen those installations specifically. How do they relate to your company's vision, identity, and values? In addition to showcasing your playfulness, you will be able to get your key messages across to your target audience. See full tactic

3. Create a light show with drones and have your logo illuminated in the sky
Tactic by Highcloud

Whether it is for your event or an event that you sponsor, make sure people remember your brand by offering spectators a light show out of this world with drones and a grand finale with your giant logo. See full tactic

4. Show how long you've been there with an old-school photo booth for your visitors
Tactic by Hopin

Install a photo booth powered by artificial intelligence that integrates your booth visitors in an old-school photograph of your product or company to showcase the history and longevity of your company, and how it has become an institution and a powerful symbol of the community in which it is established. See full tactic

5. Foster social ties within your community with the addition of art installations
Tactic by Creos

Transform the premises of your company or public spaces into community hubs where people can relax and enjoy accessible interactive art to showcase that you care about the social wellness of citizens and that you value mental health. See full tactic

6. Enhance the experience at your event by letting guests fly drones by themselves
Tactic by Highcloud

Install a cage in which participants of your event can control and fly drones. Have drone operators on site to give demos and training to participants. Not only will your guests remember their great experience, but you will also showcase how avant-garde and innovative your company is. See full tactic

7. Create augmented reality coasters for your establishments or events
Tactic by Pixsenses

Increase the time your clients spend at your establishments or animate your downtime during your events with AR coasters. Participants must simply open their phone camera to see an animation come to life directly on their table. You'll make sure that everybody is entertained at all times! See full tactic

8. Design and construct a pop-up café that is entirely recyclable
Tactic by Avi Donovan

Demonstrate your company’s environmental focus, as well as your expertise in manufacturing products that have little to no environmental impact, by building furniture, artwork, and even the dishes and utensils out of recycled materials. Invite passers-by, loyal customers, clients, suppliers, employees, and journalists to enjoy a nice warm beverage and to discover what’s possible when working with recyclable materials. See full tactic

9. Let participants get an amazingly high view of the surroundings of your event
Tactic by Highcloud

Offer your event guests the opportunity to see the surroundings of your event location from above with the help of drones. Participants must simply come to the booth to see what the drone sees on a giant screen or through a VR headset. See full tactic

10. Give your hybrid event participants the possibility to create an animated avatar
Tactic by Pixsenses

Nobody likes connecting and discussing with someone they cannot picture in their head. Make sure your hybrid event is not filled with participants that do not have a picture by including an avatar builder in your platform so people who do not want to share their real photo can build an animated avatar that represents them instead. See full tactic

11. Use art installations as ambassadors and ensure conversations revolve around you
Tactic by Creos

Enhance the conversation about your company or destination and increase social media coverage by offering people heartwarming and unforgettable moments through art installations on your premises. You'll improve your visibility, public perception, and long-term awareness, all at the same time! See full tactic

12. Create a VIP lounge in commercial centers for your reward program members
Tactic by Talkable

Inspired by airport lounges, create your own VIP lounge in commercial centers that members of your loyalty program can access with a certain level of points accumulated to their card. See full tactic

Q1. What is brand experience?

A. Brand experience is a sort of experiential marketing that includes a comprehensive set of circumstances developed by a business to affect the perception a customer has of a specific product or brand name.

Q2. What is experiential marketing?

A. The use of branded experiences to engage customers. The goal of experiential marketing, also known as live marketing or event marketing experience, is to leave a lasting impression on the consumer that will motivate them to share with their peers offline and online.

Q3. What are the different types of experiential marketing campaigns?
A. There are many types of experiential marketing campaigns. Here are some popular examples:
Pop-up stores
Solo experiences
Product demos
Product sampling
Classes and workshops
Augmented reality and metaverse
Q4. Why is brand experience important?

A. Brand loyalty is fostered by a positive brand experience. Maintaining a loyal customer base also makes good business sense when you take into account the fact that it can cost five times as much to acquire a new customer as it does to keep an existing one.

Ready to create effective brand experiences?


The right brand experience marketing tactics can undoubtedly assist you in increasing the memorability of your brand, strengthening your relationship with customers, and encouraging long-term loyalty. Search for more experiential tactics to differentiate yourself and unleash your maximum potential on Wittycloud.

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