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12+ Best E-commerce Marketing Tactics To Keep Sales Coming

April 07, 20236 min read

In addition to selecting an e-commerce platform and setting up your online store, you must think about how you will lure clients in to keep sales coming.
Having a good e-commerce marketing strategy will enable you to spread the word about your site, draw clients, and produce purchases. Additionally, e-commerce marketing will enable you to remind customers of your brand, which will in turn keep them coming back and bringing in money.

What e-commerce marketing does is:

  • increase traffic to your online boutique

  • brings your business in front of the intended market

  • enables those looking for the types of things you sell to find your website with ease.

  • generating new consumers from website visits

  • re-engages website visitors to encourage them to make another purchase

  • makes post-purchase experiences better to boost client happiness and encourage loyalty

  • reactivates existing clients with timely, pertinent offers and information so they continue to love shopping with you

  • encourages more frequent and larger orders

There’s no doubt that the right e-commerce marketing strategy can assist you in expanding your consumer base, raising the average order value, and boosting your sales.

Design an online store that offers customers a positive shopping experience, and that is profitable for you, with these great e-commerce marketing tactics from our community of suppliers.

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Wondering what E-commerce Marketing Tactics to keep sales coming


Let’s take a closer look at the best e-com marketing tactics to design an online store that offers customers a positive shopping experience and that is profitable for you

1. Personalize the colors of your e-comm website depending on the time of day
Tactic by Arnaud Ober

Offer your customers a user experience that is unique to their time zone by changing the colors and vibes of your website according to the time of day, from joyful and vibrant in the morning to chill and dark in the evening. See full tactic

2. Create product-specific online stores to increase conversion rate
Tactic by Panierdachat

Do not only create product-specific landing pages, create an online store for each of your product families. You will optimize your SEO, key messages, and conversion funnel, all at the same time! See full tactic

3. Let visitors to your pop-up shop easily add items to their online cart
Tactic by Appwapp

Increase the sales of your pop-up shop by letting visitors scan the items they want using NFC technology and have them automatically added to their online cart so they can get them home-delivered or pick them up at your nearby store or warehouse. See full tactic

4. Upsell your products with product-related lessons
Tactic by Eventbrite

Offer consumers the option to product-related lessons when they buy your products. For example, these lessons could be for specific software if you sell computers. The proposed lessons could be virtual or in-person and could be organized by your company or you could partner up with local collaborators. See full tactic

5. Add a radio to your e-com website so clients can listen to music while shopping
Tactic by Arnaud Ober

As you would play music in your stores, add a radio to your online store so customers can listen to music while they shop. You will be able to control their mood and so their willingness to buy. See full tactic

6. Find your brand's biggest fans by creating a merch store for your brand
Tactic by Panierdachat

Instead of opening a flagship store, create a flagship online store where your super fans can buy branded products, such as posters, clothing, or anything that corresponds to your clientele's profile. You will discover in no time who are your most loyal fans and the best ambassadors for your brand! See full tactic

7. Add a 2-factor authorization for your e-com store to value data protection
Tactic by Appwapp

Show that you care about the security of your customers' data by installing a 2FA on your online store to strengthen access security by requiring two identity verification methods. See full tactic

8. Increase customer buying by letting them 3D print accessories for your products
Tactic by Shopify

Sell 3D models of accessories to use with your products on your online store so customers can print them at home or at a 3D printer center. See full tactic

9. Let online shoppers personalize your e-com website with skins
Tactic by Arnaud Ober

Transform visual design components from user profiles into skins to give your customers control over the look & feel of your online shop. They will be able to customize their online shopping experience with skins according to their moods, interests, and personal images. See full tactic

10. Create an internal store to facilitate employees' equipment requests
Tactic by Panierdachat

Employees do not want to fill out paper forms each time they need a piece of equipment to do their work, whether it is a simple pen or high-tech pieces of equipment. Make sure they have all they need to be efficient at all times with an internal e-commerce store that lets them research and order available equipment. You will increase both employees' efficiency and happiness! See full tactic

11. Count in-store and online purchases and reward the umpteenth purchase
Tactic by Appwapp

Install a terminal that counts the number of purchases made both in-store and online and host a contest that rewards the customer making the umpteenth purchase. See full tactic

12. Up-sell your online subscription with a personalized support bot
Tactic by OpenAI

Use ChatGPT to offer your clients a support chatbot that provides detailed responses in a conversational way and up-sell your offering with this add-on. See full tactic

Q1. What Is E-Commerce?

A. E-commerce, often known as electronic commerce, is the practice of purchasing or offering services or goods online.

Q2. What Is an E-Commerce Platform?

A. An e-commerce platform is a software application that enables businesses to set up and manage an online store.

Q3. What Is Ecommerce marketing?

A. Any marketing effort you make to advertise your online store and increase sales is known as e-commerce marketing. It applies to both acquiring new clients and convincing existing ones to make another purchase. (customer retention).

Q4. What is an E-commerce marketing strategy?

A. The strategies you want to employ to market your online store and increase sales are known as e-commerce marketing strategies. The long-term direction of your e-commerce firm is determined by the strategy. Your understanding of the market, trends, consumer research, brand values, and product will be considered.

Q5. What Are the Types of E-commerce Marketing?

A. Almost all digital marketing channels as well as some offline, traditional ones are included in e-commerce marketing:

  • Search engines

  • Social media

  • Email marketing

  • SMS

  • On-site

  • Owned media like blogs

  • Non-owned online publications and podcasts

  • Offline marketing e.g. print, TV spots

Ready to create an effective e-commerce strategy?

The right e-commerce marketing tactics can undoubtedly assist you in expanding your consumer base, raising the average order value, and boosting your sales. Search for more e-commerce tactics to differentiate yourself and unleash your maximum potential on Wittycloud.

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