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12+ Best Sports Marketing Ideas To Capture The Attention Of Sports Fans

January 20, 20237 min read

Sports bring people together and create excitement, making them ideally suited for powerful marketing initiatives. Effective sports marketing strategies can indeed help consumer brands reach new audiences and appeal to sports fans.
While super bowl ads and athlete endorsements are the most common examples, sports marketing also encompasses marketing that builds a brand around healthy or aspirationally athletic lifestyles. Using sports marketing strategies can significantly increase consumer appeal.

From collaborating with successful teams to running advertisements to stimulate interest in more specialized athletic activities, there are many various areas for a sports marketer to concentrate on.

If you're considering using sports marketing to expand your business, here are 12 great ideas from our community of creators that can help you take your brand out into the sports marketing space.

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Wondering what Sports Marketing Ideas to achieve your business goals?

Let’s take a closer look at the best sports marketing ideas to take your brand out into the sports marketing space

1. Create a line of sports clothing that reveals your message when it heats up

Idea by Keziah Mackenzie

Create an exclusive and innovative line of sports equipment and clothing that have their appearances altered according to the amount of heat they are subjected to. Create a work of art or message to be hidden on your products under a layer of thermochromic ink; once this layer is subjected to the right level of heat provided by prolonged sun exposure or just high temperatures, the artwork will be revealed, and once the product cools down the artwork will be covered again. See full idea

2. Host a competition of your sponsorees' discipline in your facilities

Idea by

Showcase your sponsorship program and the organizations or people you sponsor by hosting a friendly competition in the discipline of your sponsorees and inviting them to join in. Invite your company's stakehholders, from employees to the shareholders to the general public, to participate in the event and meet your ambassadors. See full idea

3. Host your meetings while doing a sports activity to promote healthy habits

Idea by Indeed

Host your internal meetings and meetings with suppliers and collaborators while doing a sports activity to promote healthy habits and work-life balance. Sports activities can also take place during recruitment days to attract potential employees who value healthy habits and physical activity. See full idea

4. Show your company by live streaming a sporting event in an extreme location

Idea by Fionn Trujillo

Showcase your company’s products or expertise in the engineering, electronic, or telecommunications fields by setting up a live streaming system for sporting events in locations that are inaccessible to a regular film crew. Whether it’s a ski race, a snowboard trick competition, or race of some sort in the sea, prove that your company is the best in your field by providing the best view of their favourite sporting events. See full idea

5. Create sports leagues among your company and host inter-departmental tournaments

Idea by Eventbrite

Showcase that your company values healthy habits by creating sports leagues among your employees and hosting tournaments. The leagues could also include employees from other companies within your industry. Tournaments could be organized between departments of your company or between companies in your industry. A great way to increase employer brand awareness among other companies and recruit employees from those enterprises. See full idea

6. A sports activities leaderboard to promote healthy habits among your employees
Idea by Indeed

Increase employees' willingness to do physical activity with a leaderboard that shows the best performances in each sport. Coworkers will want to challenge one another to be the best and will compete to be at the top of the leaderboard. See full idea

7. Promote healthy habits by rewarding higher VO2 max with higher discounts

Idea by Asana

Promote healthy habits and show that you care about your customers' wellness and health by giving discounts according to their maximal aerobic capacity. To do so, have running and cycling treadmills and trainers ready to test out willing customers. The better the endurance fitness, the bigger the discount. See full idea

8. Have your customers, employees or the community join you for a sport activity

Idea by Eventzilla

Increase your target audience's sense of belonging to your brand or company by inviting them to participate in a sporting activity with your company's representatives, so people that gather together all have an interest in common in addition to sports... your company! For example, invite people to join your company for a morning run or a mountain hike. By doing so, you can build a stronger bond with your audience by doing an activity that is non-promotionnal and non-related to your business. See full idea

9. Have your sponsored athletes and coaches train your teams on project management

Idea by

Showcase your athlete sponsorships to your employees and stakeholders by offering a masterclass in which they learn how to transpose their workflows into an athlete mindset. Have a coach train your staff on how they can track their projects' progress, objectives, performances, etc. as would their athletes. See full idea

10. Organize a race up the staircases of some of the tallest skyscrapers

Idea by Yara Cordova

Organize a public event that sees willing participants racing up the staircases of some of the tallest skyscrapers in your city. There can be two different levels of races, with one seeing local professional athletes racing up, and the other focussing on the general public. In order to enter, racers must make a charitable donation to the charity of your company’s choice, and once racers have reached the top, your employees can offer informations on your company and your products and services. See full idea

11. Design innovative X-Game equipment to show your employees' fulfillment & talent

Idea by Fionn Trujillo

Appeal to younger generations that want a job that keeps them inspired and fulfilled by designing a revolutionary extreme sports installation or equipment. Collaborate with X-Game athletes to design these new pieces of equipment in a way that suits their specific needs to put on an above-average performance. Through the design and construction of these new components, showcase your employees' expertise while also demonstrating just how fun it can be to work at your company or in your field. See full idea

12. Present your employees' favorite sport to show that you value work-life balance

Idea by Indeed

Showcase your employees' favorite sport on your website, on your directory, and in their signature to show that your company values health and work-life balance. This initiative will also make it possible for your employees and collaborators to gather according to their sports interests. See full idea


Q1. What is sports marketing?

A. The use of sporting and sports-related events to advertise a company, brand, or product is known as sports marketing. Using this strategy, marketers can use sports' appeal and popularity to draw attention to their company or product.

Q2. Why should my company think about using sports marketing?

A. Sports marketing is a potent and successful way to tap into the fervor that supporters have for their institution or team. Fans are more likely to become brand loyalists and raise awareness of your brand when they positively identify it with their favorite team or institution. This devotion motivates behavior that supports the growth of your company.

Q3. What are sports marketing fields?

A. Here are the most common fields in sports marketing:

  • Marketing products through sports

  • Marketing sports teams

  • Marketing sports themselves 

Q4. Can I afford to do sports marketing?

A. It never really matters how much money you spend, but rather what your measurable goals and objectives are, and how you combine them with a workable budget.

Ready to incorporate Sports Marketing Strategies into your overall plan?

The right sports marketing strategy can undoubtedly assist you in reaching new audiences and appealing to sports fans. Search for more Sports ideas to differentiate yourself and unleash your maximum potential on Wittycloud.

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