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Top 10 Product Sampling Marketing Ideas You Can Run With Peekage

January 04, 20237 min read

For a very long time, brands have used free samples to place the product in the hands of their customers. However, giving away your products for free can seem counterintuitive. Free samples have been demonstrated to increase sales by up to 2,000%.
A well-thought and executed product sampling strategy can help you to:

  • Introduce your brand to new, untapped markets with your product.

  • Foster connections with current clients and encourage adherence

  • Increase consumer awareness of the things you sell

  • Encourage recurring purchases and new product sales

  • Gain visibility for your company at or before an event

Product sampling can happen in shops and supermarkets, in strategic places, or as part of partnerships with other companies. Additionally, brands are delivering samples online more frequently via their own or other websites.

Customers will be more inclined to write product reviews and talk about it on social media if you allow them to try your goods before they buy them. From the 6,000 individuals who participated in sample campaigns:

  • 97% of those who tried the product also bought at least one other item from the brand

  • 87% said they'd suggest the brand or product to friends and family

  • 63% purchased the product they sampled

Overall, product sample programs increase the awareness of your brand and goods while giving potential customers a taste of what you're selling.

Check out our Top 10 product sampling marketing ideas you can run with Peekage.

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Wondering what Product Sampling Marketing Ideas to achieve your business goals?


Let’s take a closer look at the best product sampling marketing ideas you can run with Peekage

1. Partner with complementary brands to offer free complementary samples together
Idea by Peekage

Organize and promote cross-sampling promotions with complementary brands, for example, offering your free coffee samples in collaboration with a milk brand offering free soy milk samples. These partnerships will let you reach their consumers to expand in new markets and get new business opportunities. See full idea

2. A map of your sampling stats to show people tastes between different regions
Idea by Peekage

Help consumers develop a sense of identity and belonging to their place of living by showcasing an infographic map of your sampling statistics, for example, the number of people in a certain region who have ordered a certain sample or the product that has received the best reviews in a specific region. People will be interested in seeing the differentiation in taste and preferences between different regions. See full idea

3. Ask people to vote for their favorite product color in the context of elections
Idea by Peekage

Showcase the importance your company gives to democracy by launching a promotional campaign during elections that lets consumers order a special election product sample kit that contains product samples of each color corresponding to political parties. Host a contest where participants must vote for their favorite color on social media by sharing a photo of them with the selected product and the campaign hashtag. See full idea

4. Give samples of potential upcoming products to select the ones you should market
Idea by Peekage

Use your free sample catalog as an R&D innovation lab by offering consumers the opportunity to test out products that have not yet been launched to receive constructive feedback and decide whether or not products will be marketed. See full idea

5. Host a contest where people must share their reactions when testing your samples
Idea by Peekage

Ask consumers to film their reactions when receiving and/or testing your free product samples and host a contest on social media among people having shared a video of their reaction with the campaign hashtag. A video series could be produced with all of the reactions from consumers where each video of the series showcases a different product sample. See full idea

6. Promote your competitor samples with yours to let consumers decide by themselves
Idea by Peekage

Showcase your confidence in the quality of your products by promoting the samples catalog of your competitor next to yours to let consumers decide what products they really prefer. See full idea

7. Give links to your samples catalog instead of products during guerilla events
Idea by Peekage

Instead of distributing product samples in the streets or in-store, offer a coupon to passers-by with a QR code that redirects them to your free samples digital catalog where they can order the sample on their own time when they are ready to try it. See full idea

8. Offer consumers the opportunity to try your new product before they buy it
Idea by Peekage

Instead of simply launching a new product and asking people to buy it, offer them the opportunity to try it before they buy it and make your promotional campaign revolve around this tagline. See full idea

9. Host a contest where participants must guess the flavor of your free sample

Idea by Peekage

Offer a free sample without revealing its flavor and host a contest on social media where consumers must order the sample and guess what flavor they think it is by sharing a photo or video with the campaign hashtag. See full idea

10. Promote home sampling parties as a fun activity to do with friends and family
Idea by Peekage

Offer your consumers to have a sampling party at home with their family and friends where attendees order and test out free product samples from your digital catalog. See full idea

Q1. What is Peekage?

A. Peekage is an insightful, online product sampling platform that helps CPG companies to grow their business through direct access to targeted consumers. Brands can offer consumers free samples to test so that they can engage with the product and get a personal feel of the brand.

Q2. How does Peekage work?

A. Peekage helps brands everywhere to increase sales through targeted product exposure, actionable insights, and streamlined feedback collection by allowing brands to reach a new network of valuable samplers on the Peekage app. Here's a breakdown of how the Peekage app works in 4 easy steps:

  • Add your product & voucher details

  • Reach your target audience

  • Create strategic questions for your surveys

  • Ship your samples to our distribution center

Q3. What objectives can I achieve with Peekage?

A. Now more than ever, consumers need to feel like they are being heard, and that they are choosing to buy products from a brand that they can trust. By creating a digital product sampling platform, Peekage is helping businesses to gain genuine feedback from consumers post-testing on the Peekage app so that brands can form a better relationship with customers and adapt to best suit their customers' ever-evolving needs.

Q4. Why use Peekage's digital product sampling services?

A. Here are the top 6 reasons why you should consider Peekage's digital, contactless product sampling services:

  • Peekage drives brand awareness

  • Peekage allows brands to offer free samples on the Peekage app to boost sales and increase the rate of conversion

  • Peekage collects valuable feedback and helps the brand receive more quality responses

  • Peekage helps businesses build better brand loyalty and awareness

  • Peekage provides fast and efficient market research

  • Peekage employs targeted smart sampling for all platforms

  • Peekage effectively coordinates the shipping logistics for your business, so that you don't have to deal with it


Ready to incorporate Product Sampling Strategies into your overall plan?


The right Sampling strategy can undoubtedly assist you in getting positive reviews and boosting sales. Search for more Sampling ideas to differentiate yourself and unleash your maximum potential on Wittycloud.

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