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After a busy day, it can be hard to come home, look at what food you have and decide what you want to make with what is available… but that process is about to become much easier with Chef A.I.

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AI Chef


Everybody knows that you shouldn’t go grocery shopping while hungry, but soon people will find out that they shouldn’t go grocery shopping without your company’s new app. Become a crucial contributor to a loving home environment with this new initiative.






With all of the latest fast-food enterprises and dining experiences that are presented to the public, it seems like some people have forgotten the pleasure of at-home cooking. Remind people how important and enjoyable home-cooked meals can be by developing an app that proposes potential recipe ideas according to the app users’ shopping habits which will be able to help them save time in the grocery stores and save money by not buying foods they won’t end up using. The app will be integrated into the consumers’ loyalty program and collect data every time a purchase is made using a loyalty card. The app will then gather recipes from a setup database with contributions from your food and drink providers, as well as recipes from your own team, and suggest the ones that cater to the app user’s shopping habits and apparent taste preferences.


This app allows your company the opportunity to partner with a notable chef, who advocates for healthy eating and the benefits of a home-cooked meal, to become the mascot of the app. This chef will work to promote the app on all of their social media platforms, through interviews with media outlets, as well as through any additional promotional platforms they might have available to them.


This app can be used to offer discounts and loyalty rewards to your customers as well as offer promotional space to many of your suppliers, like being the featured ingredient in a recipe, which could become quite profitable for your company. While many people get their coupons and discounts from flyers, this app could be the modern way for shoppers to save.


  • Position your company as innovative leaders in your field
  • Position your company as tech friendly
  • Demonstrate your company’s values and promote healthy eating
  • Local to international PR opportunities
  • Content creation opportunities

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