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Show your clientele that you have products for everyone in this soon-to-be classic promotion that sees your customers being represented by this classic and well-loved animated representation of themselves.

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Whether they’re at a booth at a major event or set up on the streets of a busy city, caricature artists are always popular wherever they are. Tap into the public’s desire to be represented through comedic portraits of themselves by working with an artist to create caricatures that represent the different kinds of clientele that you have; the flashy sports car enthusiast, the busy parent seeking an efficient minivan, the millennial looking for something cute but environmentally friendly. With these new animations, you can put your customers at the forefront of your latest promotional campaign by creating a series of video advertisements where each video caricatures a different trait or personality of your customers.


Partner with an established comedian to help develop the ads and act as the spokesperson for the campaign. They will be able to promote the campaign through interviews with the media, their social media platforms, and any other platforms that they have presented to them.


To get the most out of this promotion, plan a comedy tour that travels amongst the different branch locations of your company and features the comedian you have partnered with. During the tour they will be able to caricature your customers that attend, creating a memorable and unique experience. Tickets to this event can be free with the purchase of one of your products or can be made available for sale in-store.


  • Set your company apart from the competition
  • Demonstrate the creativity of your company
  • Highlight your company’s attention to detail regarding your clientele
  • Increase in-store traffic
  • Community engagement opportunities
  • Content creation opportunities
  • Event activation opportunities
  • Local to national PR opportunities

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