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Demonstrate your commitment to protect the planet by turning the opportunity to produce more waste into an opportunity to get creative and add more beauty to the world.

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Demonstrate your commitment to protecting the planet by turning the opportunity to produce more waste into an opportunity to get creative and add more beauty to the world.






With the fight to save the environment becoming more and more dire, people have been looking to new ways to help reduce their environmental footprint and upcycling, the act of finding new uses for items instead of throwing them out, has become one of the most popular ways for people to do just that. Help people in their upcycling adventures by creating packaging for your products that was designed to be turned into something else. Every box that your items are shipped in will come with instructions for turning it into either a work of art or an item that can be helpful in day-to-day activities. With this new initiative, both you and your customers will feel better your products.


Partner with a DIY expert or influencer to help you design the boxes and act as the ambassador for the initiative. They will be able to promote your company and your new initiative through interviews with various media outlets, posts on their social media accounts, as well as through any other promotional tools that they might have access to.


Promote these new boxes by creating a series of online videos featuring the DIY expert explaining to your consumers how to realize the projects that have been set out for them through the boxes’ designs. Keep people coming back by continuously working with new DIY creatives and designing new boxes. You can also take the initiative even further by creating a contest asking for customers to post pictures of themselves with their new creations using a campaign hashtag for the chance to win free products or shipping.


  • Demonstrate your company’s dedication to their environmental values
  • Set your company apart from its competitors
  • Social media exposure opportunities
  • Highlight the creativity of your company
  • Content creation opportunities
  • Local to international PR opportunities

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