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Nothing brings people together better than a great meal. Make it many meals, and your company might just be able to bring together and support an entire community.

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Food Fest


An International Food Fest is a fun and exciting way to bring a community together while also celebrating the many different cultures that represent the people within that community. Your company can organize one of these festivals as not only a way to promote the restaurants and merchants involved, but also as a way to celebrate the diversity that they represent. These different cultures can be showcased through the food vendors, as well as through workshops and tasting sessions. By putting on one of these festivals, your company is sure to become a staple within the community, and a reminder of the camaraderie that people are all capable of.


The merchants, restaurants, and other businesses that are participating and presenting in the festival will all work as spokespeople to represent the festival and what it stands for. They will promote the festival, its message, and your company through each of their social media platforms, media interviews, as well as any other promotional platforms that they might have access to.


This festival is for everyone, so employees, community members, clients, and any stakeholders are all invited! A stage can be setup in the centre of the festival grounds where special presentations can be made to further educate attendees about the cultures being represented at your event.


  • Position your company as a supporter of the community
  • Position your company as a supporter of diversity
  • Create added-value to a traditional event
  • Increase social cohesion within your stakeholders
  • Local PR opportunities
  • Content creation opportunities

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