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When your business has been around for generations, that kind of success deserves to be celebrated. Invite your customers to celebrate with you with this immersive and nostalgic new event.

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Historical Comeback


When your company has a history as long and accomplished as yours, you have no doubt accumulated several different stories and successes that can be shared with your current clientele. Help them get to know the history of your business by creating a unique and immersive dining experience unlike any they have had before. This experience will see your attendees seated at tables in the center of a 360 degree projection room; both the waiters’ costumes and the food served during each meal, will change and evolve to represent the era of your business’s history being shown through the visuals projected on to the screens. This event will allow both current and potential new customers to experience what has enabled your company to create such a successful legacy and inspire them to help support the next era of your business.


Partner with a well-known chef that is popular amongst your target demographic to create a mind-blowing menu, as well as become the spokesperson for the event. They will promote your business, and the new experience you are offering, to their loyal foodie followers through various media interviews, posts of their social media platforms, as well as through any other promotional platforms that they might have available to them.


With an event this big, it should be used to celebrate your business’ anniversary, or showcase a major new product that moves your company into its next phase. This event can travel through each city that hosts one of your business’ branch locations or franchises, and can be made free to loyal customers or have tickets available for purchase at your locations.


  • Establish your company as a leader in your industry
  • Celebrate your business’ long history
  • Demonstrate the innovation and modernity of your business
  • Highlight the expertise of your employees
  • Community engagement opportunities
  • Content creation opportunities
  • High social media exposure opportunities
  • Local to international PR opportunities

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