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A record-breaking audience, a multi-venue performance that will go down in music history, and one company will be responsible for it. Wouldn’t you like that to be yours?

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Holographic Band


Create an incredible experience for music fans everywhere by using holograms to put together a show that takes place in multiple locations. Each venue has a different member of the same band playing alone on stage, except for the projected holograms of the other members of the band playing around them being filmed live from their respective venues, thus making it seem as though the band is actually playing together on one stage. The venues chosen for the musicians to play at can be selected all from within one city, or more ambitiously can be selected from different locations around the world.


Each member of the band will work as a spokesperson for the event, promoting ticket sales and the live stream through their respective social media platforms, and any other promotional tools that they have available to them. Their promotions will feature and revolve around the location that they will be playing at.


The event is sponsored by your company; the tickets to the live performances can be purchased through your company website and the live stream can be watched on your website as well. Additionally, the performances could take place at your company locations in order to increase in-store traffic.


  • Position your company as innovative and modern
  • Position your company as a leader in your industry
  • Position your company as a supporter of the arts
  • Showcase your products or services in a creative way
  • Local to international PR opportunities
  • Content Creation opportunities

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