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There’s nothing better for building the anticipation for a new product than a slow reveal that really takes its time. Slowly but surely get everybody excited for your next announcement with this chilly installation.

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Ice Cube


When something out of the ordinary pops up in a public space, people are guaranteed to get a little curious and eventually give it a lot of their attention. Cause a stir of excitement amongst the public for your next big announcement, product launch, or promotional campaign by creating a public installation that will be sure to keep people invested in the final outcome. Working together with an ice carver, create an ice sculpture that has your new product or promotional code trapped inside, only to be revealed once all of the ice has melted. Display this captivating new sculpture in your store or in a public space to attract the attention of passers-by and generate more in-store traffic.


The ice sculptor that your company partners with to design and carve the sculpture will also act as the spokesperson for the installation. They will work to promote your company and whatever your announcement may be through posts on their social media accounts, interviews with the media, as well as through any other promotional tools that they might have access to.


Reach more people with this promotion, and generate more online engagement, by live-streaming the melting installation on your social media platforms as well as your company website. You can also encourage your online community to get involved by hosting a contest that asks participants to guess what will be inside or how long it will take for the sculpture to melt.


  • Establish your company as a supporter of the arts community
  • Highlight the creativity of your company
  • Generate more in-store and online traffic
  • Generate more online engagement
  • Content creation opportunities
  • Local to international PR opportunities

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