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If you want to get people to donate more, you need to help them understand what their money would actually help with. Have the public create deeper connections to your cause and your donations will increase in no time.

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Meaningful Connections


So many people talk themselves out donating to worthy causes because they just aren’t sure where their money would actually end up. Put an end to the doubt of how helpful their donations can be by providing actual and potential donors that opportunity to build a solid and meaningful connection to the cause your company is trying to support. See an increase in donations to your cause of choice by creating an activation at their fundraising events that allows attendees to video call somebody that has been directly impacted by the donations to the foundation hosting the event. By providing the opportunity to make a connection with somebody that their money could actually help, or somebody that has been helped by other donations, people will develop a better understanding of the good your company and this foundation are trying to do and be more willing to donate their money.


The foundation that your company is supporting by creating this activation will act as the ambassador for it as well. They will be able to promote your company’s values and your activation through media interviews, posts on their various social media posts, as well as through any other promotional tools that they might have access to.


Record the video calls that take place during the activation and use the footage in promotional videos for the cause that your company is dedicating to supporting. This footage can also be shown to your company’s stakeholders and will be sure to make a profound impact amongst them as well.


  • Highlight your company’s dedication to social responsibility
  • Better illustrate your company’s values to the public
  • Community outreach opportunities
  • Become a pillar of your community
  • Sponsorship opportunities
  • Content creation opportunities
  • Local to international PR opportunities

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