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In a world where the average attention span has been shortened to just six seconds, make sure you are able to keep a captivated audience with this new addition to your company website.

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These days, it’s not enough to just have a website that is able to provide all of the information somebody is looking for; unless your site provides enough stimulation for online visitors, they’ll be bouncing around from site to site gathering information from multiple sources when they could have got it all from you. Provide an informational online experience like no other by transforming your website into a role-playing adventure that allows your visitors to decide on the character they want to play, and then navigate through your website according to the different scenarios they encounter and decisions that they make. Different decisions lead to different outcomes but with each story they play, they learn more about the information that they were looking for. People will be sure to return to your site to play again and discover all of the different outcomes.


Partner with a film director who is looking to take the exhilarating concept of role-playing in movies and implement it into the day-to-day life of the average person, and have them act as the ambassador for your new online adventure. They will work to promote your new addition to your website through interviews with various media, posts on their social media platforms, as well as through any other promotional tools that they might have available to them.


Offer incentives to the visitors of your website by providing prizes, like free products or discounts, for the discovery of secret or rare outcomes. These hidden prizes will be sure to attract members of the online gaming community who will want to share the tricks to navigating the stories and promote your website and company at the same time.


  • Establish your company as a leader in your industry
  • Increase online traffic
  • Increase online engagement
  • Opportunities to engage with the public
  • Potential to go viral online
  • Content creation opportunities
  • Highlight the creativity and innovation of your company
  • Local to international PR opportunities

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