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With emojis people can say many things using just one character but once your company takes emojis to the next level with this new initiative, people will be able to say so much more.

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Sound Emoji


With emojis people can say many things using just one character but once your company takes emojis to the next level with this new initiative, people will be able to say so much more.






Whether you refer to them as emojis or emoticons you know what we’re talking about; the icons that allow people to say everything they need to with almost none of the typing. While they once existed exclusively in the different forms of messaging, emojis have found their way into mainstream marketing and media where advertisers, influencers, content creators and companies are using them to communicate with their younger markets. While they only seem to grow in popularity, these small icons still have one setback – they don’t have any sound! Allow content creators of all mediums, including those who rely on sound like radio hosts, podcast hosts, music producers, and more with an innovative way to incorporate emojis into their audio content. Let your company be the one responsible for this advancement in content creation by creating an open-source emoji sound library that is hosted on your website; the library will contain sounds clips that represent each of the emojis, like a lip smack for the kiss emoji or somebody laughing for one of the laughing emojis. This new initiative will not only be able to generate traffic for your website, but will also make your company one of the biggest references for content creators everywhere.


Partner with well-known content creators and influencers to act as the ambassadors for your new emoji sound library. They will be able to promote your company and this initiative through interviews with various media outlets, posts on their social media platforms, as well as through any additional promotional tools that they might have available to them.


In order to be able to download the contents of your library, make it a requirement that creators must first create an account, which will provide your company with the opportunity to collect valuable data that can be used for future promotions. In order to keep people coming back to the library, regularly partner with new influencers and creators and work with them to add new sounds when new emojis are released.


  • Make your company a staple in the content creator community
  • Showcase the creativity and innovation of your company
  • Data collection opportunities
  • Mass social media exposure opportunities
  • Establish your company as a supporter of the creator community
  • Generate online traffic
  • Content creation opportunities
  • Local to international PR opportunities

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