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When fashion meets technology, almost everybody wants to either own or simply experience the revolutionary pairing. Your company could be the one to give it to them.

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Techno Pocket


High-tech fashion that’s available to everybody and not just the incredibly wealthy, It almost sounds too good to be true. Your company could be the ones to put it into the public’s hands by offering your consumers a special edition shirt. This innovative shirt features a pocket that enables its wearer and the people around them a unique opportunity to experience augmented reality. To activate the shirt, one must simply download a newly developed app, created by your company, or open the app through your company’s website, position the pocket within your phone’s camera lens, and the augmented reality animation will begin on the screen.


With this activation your company has the opportunity to partner with a multitude of different organizations and companies, offering them unique animations that suit their message or promotion. Each organization or company that you partner with will work to promote the project on their social media platforms, or any additional promotional platforms that they might have access to.


With the option open to create specific animations to suit different partnerships, you can also use this project to create specific animations to suit different times of year, different holidays, or even just large sales that a company might be putting on. A company’s mascot, a new movie’s main character, or even an important figure associated with a certain holiday could all have their turn popping out of the shirt’s pocket or performing in front of it.


  • Position your company as leaders in the technology world
  • Position your company as innovative in the fashion world
  • Position your company as supporters of the fashion
  • tech
  • and animation industries
  • Local to international PR opportunities
  • Content creation opportunities
  • Puts your company in a position to partner with several other companies and organizations

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