Tailor-made strategies

The information needed for your customers.

The marketing strategies proposed by Wittycloud include all the information necessary for their planning and execution. Not only does Wittycloud feature unique concepts created by our in-house team, but also strategies that provide users with all the tools they need to execute them through promotional channels, human resources and the tasks they need to implement them.


In order to ensure the quality, uniqueness and inventiveness of the strategies, each concept is created in house by the creative team of Wittycloud. In addition to the main idea, other relevant information is also provided, including a list of equipment needed for project implementation.

Promotional channels

When collecting needs, users are offered a choice of promotional channels. The proposed strategies are built and reduced for each of the mediums selected by the users.

Human resources

A list of contacts corresponding to the expertise required by the strategy is provided to clients, so that they can surround themselves with the right people to complete their marketing initiatives.


A list of scheduled tasks is also provided to clients. They thus have within their reach a clear roadmap allowing them to follow the various steps to be taken from the beginning to the end of their project.

Custom integration.

A flexible solution to your image.

The Wittycloud API offers a great flexibility to your developers and allows them to build a customized experience for all your users as well as individually. Not only can your developers choose how Wittycloud visually integrates with your platform, but they can also change the recommendation engine parameters to build strategies that are specific to your services offered and aligned with your business vision.


Integrate Wittycloud according your brand image.


Integrate Wittycloud according your technological stack.


Integrate Wittycloud into your products and sales processes.


Change the settings according to your product offering and needs.


Create unique configurations for each user.


Choose the information presented to your users.


Choose between English and French depending on your users.


Create advanced integrations based on your products.


Analyze your users' data to improve your products and services.

Unique technology.

The 3 engines of Wittycloud.

Wittycloud relies on a complex system based on artificial intelligence (AI).

1. Conversation

The conversational engine, using an intelligent dialogue system, interacts with the users to understand their marketing needs.

2. Recommendation

The recommendation engine builds in real time tailor-made marketing strategies according to identified needs.

3. Analysis

The analysis engine allows, by machine learning, to continuously improve the system for more targeted recommendations.

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